Established in 1988 and locates at the western head of Minhan Economic Technology Developing Zone, our factory is specialized in producing “Epoxy Soybean Oil” of “Chenqian” brand with advanced process, top quality, and its production and sales volume are ranked at head of the counterparts nationwide. In 1998, the product was honored National “Xinhuo (Spark) Cup” golden award. In March 2001, the factory was issued “Scientific Technology Management Qualified Certificate” by Shanghai Municipal Scientific Technology Committee and acquired “ISO9001: 2000 Certificate of Quality System Accredition” by Bell International Validation Organization in 2003. The “Epoxy Soybean Oil” is a good plasticizer and stabilizer for PVC of which used medically in blood and liquid transfusion container, tubes for blood flow back for artificial heart, lung, kidney and medical appliances. It can also be used in food, drugs, packaging, plastics, rigid sheet, bottle, farm film, cable, wallpaper, leatheroid, refrigerator and sealing strips for motor etc.. By the reference of US patent, the factory applies natural lipoid and the advanced process to produce the product of which has passed toxic test by the Shanghai Drugs Inspection Institute and technical index inspection by the Shanghai Plastic Research Institute.
  The difference between Acetic Acid Method and Formic Acid Method are:Non-poisoning, Light Color, Less crystallization at Low Temper-ature, Easy-to-Handle and etc..
Appearance visual test light yellow oil-like liquid
Density D20/20 g/cm3 0.985-0.995
Color (pt-co) ≤300
Epoxy value % ≥6.0
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.5
Flashing point °C ≥280
Weight loss agter being heated % ≤0.3
Thermo-stability epoxy value agter being heated ≥5.0
Refractive index   1.470±0.002
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