Shanghai Tongxin Chemical Auxiliary Plant, founded in 1988, lies in the west of Minhang Economic and Technological Opening District. It's a specialized producer of high-quality epoxidized soybean oil with the brand of "Chenqian", which has been sold all over the country. It's producing scale and sales volume are in the lead among the epoxidized soybean oil producers in China. In 1998, "Chenqian" epoxidized soybean oil won the gold medal in the National "Xinghuo Cup" Excellent Products Appaisal Meeting.

  The difference between Acetic Acid Method and Formic Acid Method are:Non-poisoning, Light Color, Less crystallization at Low Temper-ature, Easy-to-Handle and etc..

    Epoxidized soybean oil is the excellent plasticizer and stabilizer of PVC. It can be used to produce blood vessel, container for blood or fluid transfasion, blood cercuit articles of artificial heart lung or Ridney and the other medical apparatuses made of PVC.
   Epoxidized soybean oil can also be used as additive in foods , medicines, packing materials for cosmetil, tottles, tubes, agricultural films, cables, wall paper, leatherette and sealing strips for ice box or automobile, etc.

    "Chenqian" epoxidized soybean oil is made from natural oil and produces through advanced processings with reference of us Patent. It is developed with the cooperation of the professor from East China University of Science and Technology. Tested by Shanghai Pharmaceutical Testing Institute and Shanghai Plastics Institute, resprctively, the product has passed the toxicity test and has met the technical standards.

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